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Ignite the Influence Within

Remote Coaching

Whether your child is trying to get into Harvard or trying to get into trouble, Ignite helps parents maximize their influence to guide their children. There are individual and family dynamics that impact each of us. Ignite Parent Coaching provides the insight and skills necessary to uncover the strengths that lie within you and your child. It's a process of self-discovery aimed to reignite the familial bond. Parent coaching goes beyond mere control or survival tactics; It is about mastering the art of influence.

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Video Introduction

Learn more about how Ignite Parent Coaching is designed to meet your family's needs

Coaching Packages

Every family has different needs. Ignite coaching packages offer various levels of support to give the guidance their family needs. 

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The Ember Package is designed for families that are in early prevention or long term maintenance stages.  

  • 1 Weekly Coaching Session

  • 10 Weeks 

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The Flame Package helps parents increase their influence and skills while helping their child to implement new patterns of thought and behavior into their lives. 

  • 2 Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • 10 Weeks 

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The Fire Package is the most common Ignite service as it provides weekly sessions for the parents, the child and a combined family session. This structure enables the family system to create a healthy foundation to build on. 

  • 3 Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • 10 Weeks

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Weekly Coaching Calls

By using the Ignite Approach, weekly parent coaching calls provide the validation, education, skills and guidance necessary to increase the influence parents and children have with one another. Depending on the number of calls your package offers, you can mix and match the needs of your family for that week.

Parent Support Group

There is almost nothing as painful as the feeling of isolation. Parent Group Coaching Calls are a space to learn, process and connect with other parents going through similar challenges. These calls provide a unique space to experience deep emotional work.

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Pre-recorded Coaching Videos +

The Ignite Approach condenses learning and expedites the change process by supplementary pre-recorded coaching videos to consume between coaching calls. These videos, along with other additional resources, increase the value of each coaching dollar to be a more effective and efficient form of parent coaching.

Home Support Team Training

Belonging is a fundamental human need and an incredible benefit to sucessful treatment. While friends and family are often well intended, they are typically ill equipped to provide effective support. By gathering a family’s home support team to provide basic skills and training, Ignite provides the foundational skills and knowledge for them to be truly supportive.

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Design Book
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Access to Coach Between Sessions

Ignite understands that “real life” is different from the ‘coaching couch’. When life happens, a quick call or text exchange with your coach can be just what you need to prevent mole hills from becoming mountains.

*Limitations apply

Assessment Results and Workbooks

You can't get to where you want to go, if you don't know where you are now. The better you understand the nature/nurture contributions in your own life, the better you’ll be able to refine and harness the power of your influence with your children. The Ignite Approach provides detailed assessments and helpful workbooks to guide you through the journey of self-discovery.

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To schedule a free consultation call, please contact us!

We look forward to connecting with you!!

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*”Access” is defined as brief non-emergency exchanges when both client and coach are available; not “limitless”, “on-call” or “24/7”. 

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