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Parent and Family Coach

Jason's career in the mental health field began nearly 25 years ago. Jason has worked for many years as the clinical director of a residential treatment center and has also been a therapist in a wilderness therapy setting.  He has expertise in working with individuals who have been labeled treatment resistant or treatment avoidant. Creating relationships and holding space for people who have had significant challenges has been a hallmark of Jason’s clinical experience.  He is recognized for his ability to build trust and rapport by being authentic, compassionate, and direct with his clients. 

Jason Seavey, LCSW

In his coaching work, Jason is informed by extensive education, decades of experience and his natural insight into human patterns of thought and behavior to help kids and families walk down the path of healing. Jason works well with families and individuals who have struggled with substance abuse issues, trauma, attachment, learning issues, mood regulation difficulties, and parent-child relational difficulties. Jason is a humble person who likes to discover and develop personal strengths with the clients he serves. 

Jason is happily employed at a Utah treatment program, but he loves staying connected with family systems so he takes a limited caseload with Ignite. 

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