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Ignite the Potential Within

Outdoor Immersions

There is incredible power in immersive learning. The brain is prodded into hyper-neuroplasticity as familiar routines are replaced with novel activities such as rock climbing, camping, paddle boarding, sweat lodges etc... Pairing these highly engaging activities with deep emotional processing condenses 6 months of therapy into 3 days. Immersions are the coal bed to igniting and maintaining breakthroughs. Whether the goal is to gain a deeper assessment, reinforce newly acquired skills, or to solidify a maintenance framework, participants* will benefit more from immersive learning than anything else.

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Ignite Immersions are 3 day camping trips in Utah designed to condense growth through engaging activities that retrain the nervous system and prod self mastery. While each Immersion is uniquely designed for the specific participants, the menu of activities below provides a potential sampling for Ignite Immersions: 

  • Adventure activities such as rock climbing, canyoneering, sand boarding, caving, paddle boarding, etc...**

  • Clinical activities such as meditation, initiatives, art therapy, equine therapy, etc...

  • Enrichment activities such as sweat lodges, service, education, exercise, etc...

  • Wilderness activities such as camping, bush craft, orienteering, fire-starting, etc...

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Family Immersions

  • Expanding the “identified client” to the entire family system (including age appropriate siblings) allows the entire family to engage in the process of learning how to sustain change

  • Immersions provide unparalleled opportunities to observe family dynamics as they function together doing activities that both repair and stress the family system

  • As organic opportunities arise for the family coach to provide "real-time" mentoring, mediation and skills training, families begin to feel safer and more successful to engage in family interactions.

Picnic in nature
Sitting by Campfire
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Peer Immersions

  • Maintenance phase requires maintenance! Sadly, it is human nature to backslide, which can reduce a raging fire into smoldering coals. Peer Immersions fan the flame of progress into a bon-fire of sustained change.  

  • Peer dynamics provide opportunities for peer support and also peer practice. 

  • Activity based learning bypasses natural defense mechanisms and condense learning

  • Kinesthetic group activities build relationships through the power of "shared experiences". Trust and rapport are the master keys to all coaching/therapy relationships.

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*All participants (minor and adult) must be approved based on their willingness, commitment and ability to keep themselves and others healthy and safe throughout the entire Immersion. Failure to comply with health and safety requirements may result in immediate dismissal and being unapproved for future Immersions. Food and lodging will be provided during the specific Immersion timeline. Participants will be responsible for transportation to/from Utah. Dates and activities will be selected by Ignite based upon weather conditions, client profiles, schedules, etc…

​**Some activities may require fees beyond the cost of the Immersion (e.g. indoor rock climbing, downhill skiing, etc...) 

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