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Parent and Family Coach

With over 15 years of experience with families, teens and young adults, Aries has found the most effective way to work with people is to see beyond their behaviors and into their core values and identity. He does this by helping them replace their shameful self limiting beliefs with empowering narratives and beliefs. 

Aries works well with families experiencing fractured relationships, power struggles, addictive and/or dangerous behaviors, and the spectrum of mental health struggles. Aries is well educated, licensed and certified within several therapeutic modalities.

Aries McGinnis, LCPC

Growing up in the north east, living in the west for over a decade and now residing in Alaska, has provided Aries a well-rounded perspective of how impactful culture is on our values and belief structure. Aries is a light hearted, highly engaging adventurer. He leads with compassion and follows with prodding clients toward movement.

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