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Health & Wellness

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"Fall in love with taking care of your body! It's the foundation of life - of everything!"
-Heather Deveraux

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In a world full of advanced medical technology, we are still facing a staggering uphill battle against chronic illnesses and obesity. It's alarming that, as of 2021, 6 in 10 Americans live with at least one chronic disease and over 42% of the population struggles with obesity (source: CDC). Besides robbing us of our vitality, these physical issues often rob us of life itself; the freedom to choose, to connect with others, and to progress. Once we have exhausted western medicine with few answers, we are tasked with sifting through vast information, seeking out solutions to ease our physical suffering. It often feels overwhelming, if not impossible. Many of us slump into the shadows, enduring the silent battle of chronic illnesses and unmanaged weight, just trying to avoid social judgment and further isolation. As a health, weight, and wellness coach, Heather Deveraux can help you fight these battles. You are not alone. With 30 years of study and experience, she can guide you to use nutrition, exercise, nutraceuticals, herbs, essential oils, energy, and psychology to help you get your life back. WIth both Chronic illness and weight struggles, unseen psychological or physical issues often lie at the heart of the challenge. Let Heather’s interdisciplinary approach be the key to unlocking your hope, your health and your vitality. You have the power in you to thrive!

Take Charge of your wellbeing!

Live, Eat, & Feel Well!

Embrace the New You!

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