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Couples & Families

Happy family with mom, dad, two teenager daughters and two younger children

Our family relationships are the most precious component in our lives. Love and belonging are essential to health and happiness. It is easy for the dynamics between spouses and children to become discordant and is very disruptive to our lives. Navigating the different personalities, perspectives, attachment styles, and personal issues that lead to unhealthy interactions is an art and a science. First, we must understand ourselves and human behavior in general, then we can unpack the factors that make up our family dynamics. Then we are able to dive into the principles of healthy and fulfilling human interdependence, what it means to be a team, and what it means to lead a team, in a day when the family gets little to no support from society at large and a lot of opposition as each individual attention is bombarded with stressors, addictions, and distractions. We are here to help you uncover the resonance, connection, and beautiful bond that lies under the surface waiting to be unleashed.

Couples & Families

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